Saturday, May 27, 2017

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AnitaWe at Hair Fantasy specialize in the care of hair, whether you have all of your hair or are suffering from premature hair loss, chemical damage or other hair trauma.

Hair replacement today has evolved into an art form. The days of plugs and tracks are gone and technology has opened the doors to advanced hair replacement. Hair replacement is not just for people with no hair. It is an alternative for those of us experiencing chemical hair damage or short term hair loss. The goal of an experienced professional hair technician is to provide the client with the most natural looking head of hair possible. If you wear a hair unit now and you fi nd that people are looking at your hair rather then you, it may be that your hair does not look natural. A good hair unit is undetectable by the human eye. In fact your friends and family will only know that you look different and may ask what you’ve done to your hair, because they will not understand how you went from balding to a full head of hair, instantly.

78019701At Hair Fantasy, Anita Hampton has worked miracles by creating undetectable hair replacement units for her clients. The goal of each client is to look their best and to present a natural and healthy head of hair to the public. At Hair Fantasy, you do not have to worry about having your head exposed to the entire salon because each client receives a private consultation, and the hair process is also done in private. Each client is treated with dignity and respect. The staff at Hair Fantasy understands that hair loss and hair replacement are both personal and private matters. We want you to know that a hair unit is not a store bought wig. Store bought wigs do not offer a natural appearance and may prevent the wearer from participating in sports and other physical activities. A hair unit is hand made with 100% human hair and comes in a variety of textures, colors and lengths. The hair unit is custom made and is custom fitted to each client’s head. The process allows you to swim and let your hair blow in the wind without worrying about your secret being exposed. With a hair unit there are no tracks and you do not have to worry about patting your hair down throughout the day. In fact you can shake and toss your head from side to side and even let loved ones run their fingers through your hair, because this hair looks and acts like your own.


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