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Isn't it time to stop dreaming and start living? Great hair doesn't have to be just a dream anymore. We can help if you've suffered from thinning hair, hair loss, chemical damage, severe burns, medical side effects. Come in today and let's show your what's possible!
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Picture yourself with beautiful hair!
Hair Fantasy specializes in the care of hair, whether you have all of your hair or are suffering from premature hair loss, chemical damage or other hair trauma.
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If you're tired of normal, everyday looks, Hair Fantasy can make the impossible, POSSIBLE! Let us consult with you on how our unique styling and hair replacement maintenance tips can bring your hairstyles into the new millenium!
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Hair Loss

Alopecia or hair loss is the medical description of the loss of hair from the head or body, sometimes to the extent of baldness. Alopecia tends to be involuntary and unwelcome, however, it may also be caused by a psychological compulsion to pull out one's own hair (trichotillomania) or the unforeseen consequences of voluntary hairstyling routines (mechanical "traction alopecia" from excessively tight ponytails or braids, or burns to the scalp from caustic hair relaxer solutions or hot hair irons). In some cases, alopecia is an indication of an underlying medical concern, such as iron deficiency. When hair loss occurs in only one section, it is known as alopecia areata. Alopecia universalis is when complete hair loss on the body occurs, similar to how hair loss associated with chemotherapy sometimes affects the entire body.

Chemical Damage

Perms and relaxation using relaxer or thermal reconditioning involve chemical alteration of the internal structure of the hair in order to affect its curliness or straightness. Hair that has been subjected to the use of a permanent is weaker due to the application of chemicals, and should be treated gently and with greater care than hair that isn't chemically altered.

Severe Burns

Many clients use Hair Fantasy's hair replacement solutions because they may have suffered burns on the scalp due to chemicals or fire. When the dermis (skin) receives this type of trauma, hair follicles can be permantly damaged to the point where hair no longer grows in the affected area.

Medical Side Effects

One of the most commons side effects of cancer treatment is hair loss which is usually temporary during treatment, but in many cases, this hair loss can be permananent. WIth Hair Fantasy, patients need not suffer the added stress of an altered appearance.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

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chsHair replacement today has evolved into an art form. The days of plugs and tracks are gone and technology has opened the doors to advanced hair replacement. Hair replacement is not just for people with no hair. It is an alternative for those of us experiencing chemical hair damage or short term hair loss.

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